Walk to School, Rockburn ES, 10.8.14

Howard County is updating its 2007 Pedestrian Master Plan.  The new Pedestrian Plan, WalkHoward: Moving Forward, continues efforts to improve walkability in Howard County. Our community is happier, healthier, safer and more efficient when we have a system of sidewalks, pathways, bus stops and roadway crossings that make it easy to get around on two feet and in a wheelchair.

This Master Plan will address walking in all of its forms – whether you are trying to get somewhere or just taking a casual stroll somewhere you love.

To develop WalkHoward, we completed a field assessment that examined 343 miles of sidewalks, 915 intersections, and 494 comments. Then, we held three public open houses and provided an online survey and map that drew over 2,500 comments and 36,000 “likes” and “dislikes.” With those data, we developed a draft plan that includes infrastructure and program recommendations, as well as structured projects that provide a framework for completing infrastructure improvements.

Read more about WalkHoward, or click here to go straight to the draft plan.