Conclude-Public-inputPublic input for the Pedestrian Plan update has been very strong, with nearly 1,000 comments received to date. The public input period ended on Thursday. April 30. To check out the feedback from users like you please click here.

The final workshop was held on Tuesday, April 14th at the Elkridge Landing Middle School. 

The online input options are available 24/7 through Thursday, April 30. We want to learn from you about locations in need of improvement. Share your local knowledge about a location in need of improvement. We’re specifically looking for places where a walking connection is missing, a roadway crossing doesn’t serve your needs as a pedestrian, or where something obstructs the pathway.

Use our interactive map to mark places that need work...
The public input period has concluded. Check out the feedback from users like you!







7 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I think we need more signage on the pathway network, and a new, safer bridge over US 29, that includes transit, so people can get across easier and with less trepidation.


  2. South side of Northfield Road (which has no sidewalks) is well below grade of the road. Heavy school traffic has crumbled the edge of that lane. At peak arrival and dismissal times busses and other vehicles run off the edge or do a hazardous “slalom” to regain the roadway. I hope reporting this to ClickFix will put this on DPW radar.


  3. Centennial lane from Rt 40 past the elementary, middle and high school is a major thoroughfare. The barriers are in disrepair. Use the funds from the speed camera to pay for immediate repair. This is safety concern for school kids, recreation and neighbors in burleigh manor, chateau ridge and font hill communities.


  4. I would like to see a sidewalk from Harriet Tubman Road to Freetown Road so that the kids living in the area can safely walk to Martin Road Park, Atholton High School and surrounding neighborhoods


  5. I’ve lived in Oakland Mills for 37 years. I walk, run, and ride all over Columbia. We badly need more ways to safely cross Rt. 29. The walking-bridge and Seneca Dr. are the only two crossings available to non-drivers. The two tunnels under Rt. 175 are great. I love the way they connect neighborhoods. We have a fantastic path under Rt. 32 that connects Owen Brown and Kings Contrivance. I would love to see something like that under 29.


  6. The path networks in River Hill are lovely, but completely cutoff from the rest of the HoCo/CA path system. Their is a trail off South Wind Circle that is a few hundred feet from a cul-de-sac (Winterlong Way) in Clary’s Forest. But of course, they don’t join. It sure would be wonderful to unite these networks of trails.


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